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The Producers of The uneXplained are searching for documentary participants – people living with a current unsolved mystery or unresolved question in their lives – medical, psychological, spiritual, unsolved crime, unexplained death, missing persons or those in need of communicating with a deceased loved one. The realm of possibilities is unlimited.


Participants - whether individuals, couples or families - should have a tangible problem, issue, or crisis in which they have exhausted other traditional methods and are ready to take a leap into the unknown.


The uneXplained Investigative production team will be working alongside internationally renowned experts ranging from mediums, psychics, past life investigations, past life regression therapists, spirit channelers, psychomanteum sessions, tarot readings, healers, shamans, even spirit board sessions to help those who are in desperate need find the answers they have been searching for.



Requirements for Documentary participation:
• All stories must be authentic and true.

• All stories must involve a currently unsolved problem, conflict, or crisis.

• Belief in the metaphysical not required, only a deep desire for a solution, a willing spirit and an open mind.

• All those seeking fame on reality television programming, need not apply. There are no salaries, no door prizes: only answers.

If you or someone you know is interested, please send an email to: Be sure to include:

• In the subject line, the metaphysical expert method that most interests you

• A detailed paragraph describing the problem or mystery that needs to be investigated

• What methods whether traditional or metaphysical that have been tried to date

• A photo of you and/or the subject

• Contact details
Your Name:
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You acknowledge that you may not receive a response from this submission. If you are chosen to participate you will be required to sign appropriate releases.