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He came to the US from Italy in 1893, when he was seven years old. The Nitti family settled in Brooklyn, but by 1920, Frank had moved to Chicago. He quickly started fencing stolen jewelry, and eventually joined Al Capone's criminal empire, called the Outfit. Rising quickly in the organization, he displayed a talent for business and enforcement. In 1933, Frank caught his big break when Capone was sent to prison for tax evasion, and Nitti took over a criminal enterprise pulling in tens of millions of dollars a year. Needing to reinvent the Outfit after the end of Prohibition, Nitti turned to the labor unions and specifically Hollywood. But Frank may have aimed too high, as the Feds soon caught on and Nitti and many of his guys were indicted. As the trial approached, other members of the Outfit told Frank to take the rap. Faced with life in prison or perhaps, murder by fellow Outfit members, Frank took matters into his own hands and on March 19, 1943 he shot himself in the head.

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