Look Who's Stalking

Look Who's Stalking

Episode Description

Two innocent, teenage girls are targeted by obsessed stalkers. One survived her harrowing ordeal; the other was tragically caught up in a murderous plan carried out by her fanatical stalker. Beautiful Cameron had no idea the horror that would ensue when she sat next to Ryan in her high school art class. For the next 11 years, Ryan interjected himself into every aspect of Cameron's life. Eventually, the obsession escalated and Ryan threatened to kill Cameron. After Ryan broke into Cameron's home and photographed her while she slept, police raided Ryan's apartment where they found a shrine dedicated to his obsession. Ryan was arrested and later sent to prison for 13 years. Unlike Cameron, Amy Lynn didn't know her stalker, Liam; they had a single high school class together, but Liam developed an obsessive, years-long fixation with Amy. No one knew about it until a tragic afternoon when Liam shot Amy to death, then turned the gun on himself.

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