Haunted Encounters

Haunted Encounters

Meet the Cast

Daniel Hooven
Lead Investigator

Spending his early months in a Korean orphanage, Daniel was adopted into a family and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Always considered academically gifted, Daniel earned a full scholarship to college and graduated with a Bachelors in Communications. He is currently the marketing director and operator for his University Planetarium and is planning to graduate with honors in Spring 2013 with a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communication.


In 2010, Daniel had a mental breakdown as he realized there had to be more to life; and in a decision that he still can’t explain to this day, ventured off with a friend to Villisca, Iowa for his first paranormal investigation. Despite a horrifying paranormal experience in his fraternity house during his college years, Daniel was doubtful of the existence of the afterlife, but was simply looking for an adventure.


In what he can only describe as a “baptism by fire,” Daniel’s initial skepticism was shattered that night, as he could not explain the phenomenon he witnessed and heard in that house. His interest spiraled into an obsession that led him and his best friend from college on a paranormal expedition that spanned the entire country. Introduced to Jordan Murphy by a mutual friend in 2011, the team known as Resident Undead would go on to become one of the most popular and innovative paranormal teams in the country.


An extremely analytical and rational person, Daniel refuses to base theory on ghost stories or personal experiences, instead focusing on tangible evidence. He believes intelligent audio communication is the most important evidence to any location. Somewhat of a controversial figure in the paranormal community, Daniel refuses to acknowledge anybody that claims to know it all. Simply put, Daniel believes that there are no wrong answers or strategies in the unknown.


After deciding that the days of yelling in a basement were over, and an appreciation for the show Quantum Leap, Daniel developed the idea of a “Ripple in Time," used to stimulate the dead through recreating relevant life experiences based on past events at each location. This technique has resulted in some of the most compelling and shocking evidence he has recovered to date. Using his self-coined EVP recorder called “Pandora’s Box” as a compass to the past, Daniel views himself as a significant story teller who is able to provide a snapshot of our history through ripples in time.


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Jordan Murphy
Case Manager

Jordan was born and raised in small town Fairmont, West Virginia but moved to Los Angeles in 2012. After earning a full academic scholarship, she acquired a BS degree in sport and exercise psychology from West Virginia University. Jordan was then accepted into the Masters of counseling program, but deferred to chase the dead. When she's not wandering around haunted locations, you can find her at the beach or watching college football (go Mountaineers!)


After her brother's death in 2009, Jordan was driven to find answers about the afterlife. To say talking to the dead became a passion would be an understatement. She started reading books and articles about the paranormal, physics, and energy theories. Even though she frequently offers comic relief, she's very focused on finding evidence through her prized EVP Recorder she refers to as "Pandora’s Box" and orchestrating "Ripples in Time". Her empathetic attitude and female intuition elicit some of the most unique responses. Jordan always keeps an open mind about the paranormal and doesn’t believe in placing rules on the unknown.


In 2011, Jordan met Daniel through a mutual friend and collaborated to travel the country to film and produce their own web-series, "Resident Undead". Gaining notoriety and respect in the field, they met Helmey and Chelsea. And well, the rest is history. Jordan hopes to break the taboo and negative stereotypes of the paranormal by showing people it's not as "weird" as they think. After all, she's just your normal 23 year old chasing her dream.


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Helmey Kramer
Technical Specialist

Helmey was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. As an avid skier, he made the painful decision to accept a hired gun position in a profession, based in the Midwest, where there are no mountains. With all that extra time he managed to find the love of his life and future wife before returning to Utah.


Helmey, also known as the paranormal linebacker, has had a lifelong fascination with the paranormal. His other passions are training dogs in multiple disciplines, winter sports, and supporting canine rescue. With his interests in the paranormal and work with dogs, Helmey developed a revolutionary method to formally train and incorporate canine investigators to be valuable and contributing members of a paranormal team, not just a novelty.


As Helmey views the paranormal, it is with no preconceived result. He believes in experiencing the energy of the scenes where extraordinary events occurred, heinous acts were committed, or violent people hid themselves. He is open to the possibility that he will find nothing or something relevant. He believes in himself and the people who contribute to who he is. His approach is not bound by tradition, but rather by principle and the promise of a more complete understanding of the paranormal experience.


While stories are entertaining, Helmey is a tangible evidence kind of guy. He’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, just a more effective one, when applied to field work. He believes in constantly evolving by integrating both new and old technology with innovative and at times unconventional methodology in a dynamic that will achieve the best possible result.


It is said, insanity, loosely defined, is repeating the same action while expecting a different outcome. Helmey is determined, that will not happen on his watch.


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Chelsea Damali
Team Psychic

Chelsea Damali is a natural born clairvoyant/clairsentient, medium, and empath that has been practicing professionally for 20 years. She has a lifetime of study and education of the metaphysical field. She is known specifically for her unique scientific perspective that has set her apart from other psychics and intuitives, or other types of "sensitives." Her accuracy is off the charts with past and future, and she not only reads clairvoyantly, but also residual energy in multiple layers of time, as well as intelligent activity of entities that still reside unseen in homes and other structures alike.


Her formal education is in the medical field allowing her to further focus her abilities and skills to perform in depth health readings as well, that have been used in conjunction to help further diagnostic efforts in very difficult and sometimes extreme cases. In the paranormal field, this translates to empathic pain and symptoms, sometimes not just seeing it, but fully experiencing situations that have occurred in structures and buildings, usually with extremely colorful pasts, some famous, and some that should be. Her professional experience is with high profile and local clientele, as well as renowned law enforcement cases, using not only her mediumship abilities, but also the empathic side of her gifts to help connect the dots, and tell the story in a clearer light. In a nutshell, her highly developed skill set allows her to provide extremely detailed structure/house and building readings.


“I see dead people” has been a life-long experience for her, with her first very memorable occurrence being at age 4, while on a family vacation to Giza in Egypt. Years of developing and refining her abilities have brought her to this point, and earned her the respect of colleagues and clients alike.


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The Captain
K9 Investigator

The Captain is a 3-year old, purebred, yellow Labrador from central Michigan. With his confidence, drive and willingness to please, Captain was the perfect candidate to be formally trained in paranormal investigation. Using scent work, which is the same method used for search and rescue by bomb/drug sniffing dogs, the Captain detects anomalous electromagnetic fields, which are typically present when ghosts manifest in some form. He then alerts the team. His handler, Helmey, is very knowledgeable about how sense development drives behavior in different species. He understands what these behaviors mean, and as a result, is able to decipher what Captain's reactions might “say” in relation to the investigation. Dogs like Captain have many sensory advantages over their human counterparts in this field and with proper training, both the dog and the handler can become a valuable asset that technology, alone, cannot come close to replicating.


Captain’s favorite pastimes include swimming, canine weight pull, lure coursing, retrieving with his older sister (a black lab), and testing his human parents’ patience.