Haunted Encounters

Haunted Encounters

Episode Description

Several locations across the country have been marred by tragedy and death, leading to a trail of unexplainable events. Now, the investigative team known as the Paranormal Syndicate, will visit some of America s most haunted locations and use their unique approach to collect and record tangible evidence of paranormal activity. The Paranormal Syndicate first heads to Fall River, MA to investigate the site of one of history's most infamous and brutal murders, in an attempt to communicate with the deceased members of the Borden Family. Does Lizzie Borden still reside in this infamous old farmhouse? Then, with the help of their specially trained canine investigator, Captain, the Syndicate will head to Los Angeles to investigate The Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax. Will they document proof that the theatre is still inhabited by two of its previous owners who died there?

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