Ghostly Encounters

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Episode Description

Barbara's father had loved Morse Code and numerology, and one night she heard strange systematic tapping, and figured it was him sending her a message, but couldn't figure out what the message was. Then her mom, living in Montreal, had a heart attack. The doctors said it wasn't serious, and not to bother traveling, but Barbara knew the tapping was telling her to go. She dropped everything and went. By the time she got there, her mom was almost dead, but then suddenly she had a miraculous recovery. Elsie lost her dad six years ago, and grieved heavily. On the anniversary of his death, she was looking at a picture of him on a table, when it moved toward her. Because of this, she's learned to listen to the spirits. So, when Elsie woke suddenly one night and felt compelled to tell her healthy mom to see a doctor right away, she phoned immediately. The next morning her mom went, where they discovered a blood clot that would have killed her within 24 hours had she not gone.