Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult

Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult

Episode Description

Leslie Wagner-Wilson spent her formative years as a member of the People's Temple under the guidance of Jim Jones. When the church uproots amidst scandal and settles in Guyana, Leslie is convinced to follow. As conditions deteriorate in Jonestown, she and several other cult members attempt a harrowing escape, narrowly avoiding Jones' most sinister sacrifice. Then, Susan Justice is raised in a world invented by the crazed mind of cult leader David Berg. He uses radical biblical interpretations to convince his followers to live a life of questionable morality, prostitution and institutionalized pedophilia. For the first two decades of her life, Susan's parents force feed her a steady diet of David Berg's twisted teachings. Still, after years of sheltering Susan's eyes are opened to a more conventional way of life, and Susan risks everything familiar to her, abandoning her family and the only life she's known, to take her first breath's of freedom.

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