Meet the Host

Dr. Marsh

Dr. David Marsh is a retired Professor and holds PhDs in Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology from Oxford University and Dartmouth.

For the past 30 years, while teaching, he spent his free time investigating and studying curses, the etymology of curses and the physiological and psychological effects that they’ve had on people throughout time from cultures around the world.


Marsh has traveled extensively throughout the world in pursuit of answers.


He is an expert on the world wide socio-cultural impact of curses, and the associative affects on the family/village social structure. Marsh has lived with practitioners as well as gathered an extensive collection of curses and the associated rituals.


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Marsh’s quest began while in his early 20s as a doctor traveling to Pakistan for “Doctors without Borders.”


He has studied the neuro-physiological impact of curses using FMRI and other cutting edge tools, slipping these studies in on regular research as well as buying time with the equipment using his own funds.


While in Pakistan, Marsh had an experience with a cursed individual that has forever changed his outlook on the subject and his approach to studying the human mind.


To date, his studies have been largely “underground,” as publishing his findings would have drawn scorn from the academic community. Now, for the first time, he wants to share his findings with the world.



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