Celebrity Nightmares Decoded

Celebrity Nightmares Decoded

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Everyone dreams of being rich and famous, but what do the rich and famous dream about...and more importantly, what secrets are hidden in those dreams?  Lost love, hidden phobias, or haunting memories from their not-so-perfect past?  It's all there, trapped in their subconscious, waiting to be decoded.

In the search for self-awareness, millions of people rely on the dream journal tucked in their nightstand, but celebrities turn to noted dream analyst and author, Lauren Lawrence. Lawrence is known for interpreting the dreams of celebrities from Paris Hilton to Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Douglas to Kate Moss, Kurt Vonnegut to Brooke Astor.

Lauren's unique brand of analysis is part therapy, part psychic reading, and gets celebrities to open up in ways they never expected.  What Celebrity Ghost Stories does for the paranormal fans, Celebrity Nightmares and Dreams Decoded does for the arm-chair psychiatrist in all of us, with an exciting narrative device.

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