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Stepping into a role previously occupied by such notable scene stealers as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan could have been career suicide, instead, it has propelled Daniel Craig on to Hollywood's A list. Tagging along with his mother to Liverpool's famously left-wing Everyman Theatre, Craig grew up in the theater, soaking in the life backstage. It convinced him to become an actor. When he left school in 1984 he was accepted into the National Youth Theatre. His career began very promisingly, being cast in the movie The Power of One. His major breakthrough came with the lauded and popular British TV series Our Friends in the North. Craig quickly tired of the media circus surrounding his performance wishing instead to be seen as a "serious actor". He set off on his quest flitting from disturbing indies to Spielberg's Munich and finally to one of the screen's most iconographic roles: James Bond.

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